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AC INDUCTION MOTORS Manufacturers Dealers Suppliers

Manufacturers / Dealers and Suppliers of AC Induction Motors


Manufacturers and Suppliers of :
Single Phase Electric Motors
3 Phase Electric Motors
1/10 HP To 30 HP 3 Phase Motors
0.25 HP To 3 HP Single Phase
Intermittent Duty & Hoist / Crane Duty
Electro Magnetic Disc Brakes
Switching / Reversing Duties.
Industrial Motors
Electrical Motors
Motors with Electromagnetic Disc Brake
Heavy Duty Motors
Torque-Rated Motors
Textile Motors
Loom Motors
Motors for Machine Tools.
GENERAL Purpose Industrial Motor
Special Purpose Industrial Motor
Motors for Cooling Towers
Intermittent Duty Motors
Hoist Duty Motors
Crane Duty Motors
Motors for Heavy Switching Duties
Motors for Reversing Duties

Address : 303/204, Kapadia I.E.No.3, Andheri-Kurla Rd., Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400093, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 28346934 / 28378611 / 28378612
Fax No : (022 ) 28378612
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Complete In House Facility For Electrical As Well As Mechanical Repairs /Renovations /Modification /Upgradation of Electrical Rotating Machines

Rewinding / Repairs of AC Induction Motors:Traction motors; DC Motors & Traction motors; GE 752 Machines. Brakes Electrostatic Commutators Shaft replacement without damaging winding Manufacturing & supply of AC HT Coils & DC Pole Coils Precision dyamic balancing Site services for overhauling, repairs.

Rebuilding of core stack by staggering, re-varnishing or replacement of laminations.

Shaft replacement without damaging rotor / Armature winding.

Manufacturing & Supply Of AC High Tension Coils as well asDC Pole coils / Field coils.

Precision Dynamic Balancing on Schenk Avery make computerised machine upto 16 tons and 2.3 Meters in Diameter.

Site Services for overhauling, repairs, health checks, and attending complaints.

Supply of spares i. e. Slipring, Insulators, Fans, Heat Exchanger, Blowers etc.,

Repairs / Rewinding / Reconditioning of Electric machine upto 20 MW, 11KV at our workshop and 50 MW at site.

Rewinding /Repairs / Reconditioning of armature & magnet frames of DC Traction Motor [TAO 659 (585 KW) Hitachi HS15250 A (630 KW), TDK 5620A/3701AZ, BHEL 3603 & NGEF US 6456 motors.

Rewinding of HT/ LT A.C. generators upto 35MW capacity. Pole coils upto 23 MVA capacities.

Rewinding of D.C. Motors up to 8000 HP.

Repairs / Staggering of Core laminations of stator, Rotators & armature.

Replacement of Rotors shafts of any size without damaging windings. This activity includes Fabrication and machining of new shaft required for replacement.

Overhauling Of Electrical Rotating Machines either at site or at our works.

Dynamic balancing of Armature, Rotor, Shaft, Colling Fans, Impellors etc.(upto 16 tons weight, 2.30 mtrs. In diameter) on microprocessor based SCHENK avery make machine.

Any other machanical work related to electric rotating Machines such as Metalising of shaft, Relining of white metal bearings, Repairs of bearing housings, endshields, heat exchangers & cooling fans etc.

We attend complaints on vibrations to resolve them.

Manufacture of edge on formed coils.

Manufacture & supply of stator coils of different design (High voltage) upto 13.8 kv

Manufacturing & supply of Field coils for AC Generator upto 20 MW capacity.

No load testing Of AC machines & back to back load testing of DC Machines.

Mechanical repairs and rewinding of Electro Magnet Brakes.

Authorised service center for WEG Brazil, Hyundai Korea, Ansaldo Italy and SIMO china.

Address : A/751/1, TTC Indl.Area, MIDC, Pawane, Navi Mumbai - 400708, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 27622986 / 27622987 / 27633690
Fax No : (022 ) 27622976 / 27622985
WebSite :


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